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Strangers on a Train lyric video

Strangers on a Train

After Effects

Partial lyric video for the song "Strangers on a Train," by Lovage. Created in After Effects.

Focused on typography and text lock-ups. Animated text in a way to feel like motion on a train. Color and typeface choice based on female vocal stylings; sexy, understated, poignant.

Anti-Smoking PSA


Proposed anti-smoking ad campaign for American Cancer Society.

Researched facts creating correlation between smoking and the effects it can have on babies/children. Created three separate items that are typically associated with babies with a gross twist: cigarette butts. Collected butts and created a pacifier, mobile, and a stained and burnt teddy bear.

Worked with photographer Jeremy Daniels to capture pieces. Created poster series that would be folded and mailed to Planned Parenthood to post, using the image as the hero in the design. Since visual had such a great punch, decided to also show as posters in more public settings (mall, billboard).

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Marilyn Monroe After Effects Video

Marilyn Monroe

After Effects

Typography video based on an interview of Marilyn Monroe. Created in After Effects.

Animated text to correlate with rhythm and pattern of speech in audio. Chose a typeface that felt fitting to the tone of Marilyn's voice; dainty, meek, slightly sad.

KY Jelly Ad Campaign

KY Jelly Ad Campaign


Proposed ad campaign for KY Jelly.

Created a series of magazine advertisements for KY Jelly. Ads used words that described how using KY Jelly might make you feel. The three words for the series also ended in the letters "ky," a throwback to brand. The bubbly type was chosen to somewhat emulate the appearance of the words as if they were written in the lubrication.

Each ad was created for a specific audience, but mostly aimed at the LBGTQ community. The Silky ad is targeted more towards women, and would likely be found in magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Lucky. The Kinky and Lucky ad are more targeted towards a male audience and could be found in popular men's magazines such as GQ or specifically homosexuality oriented magazines such as Out. After the magazine ads were completed, extended the campaign to include sample packets of product to be given away during events such as the annual Gay Pride Parade, and a truck wrap for deliveries.

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Dark Horse Wine Packaging

Dark Horse Wine Rebrand & Packaging

print & packaging

Proposed Dark Horse wine rebranding and packaging.

Proposed rebranding of Dark Horse wine. Current logo and packaging feels inconsistent with brand and target audience. The wine itself is relatively inexpensive, ringing in between $10 and $15 a bottle. This price point is usually targeted at younger drinkers and I wanted to create a new logo and look that would really appeal to an audience more interested in price and looks than taste.

Created a bold logo that would utilize spot uv printing technique on printed elements, including the bottle. Black on black with uv coating is visually interesting and would likely grab attention on a wine shelf. In order to quickly find what kind of wine the brand was offering (Chardonnay, Big Red Blend, and Cabernet Sauvignon) I used foil color coding on the wine hood, label, and box. Created a pop up sign for use in a liquor store or grocery that would be next to a display of the wines.

The current website feels difficult to navigate and doesn't have much information. It also doesn't feel connected to the brand at all. Created a parallax website that keeps the information compact, but leads the viewer in a very obvious way to the information they are wanting to find. The website is visually entertaining, making the viewer want to explore but not allowing them to be overwhelmed with too much information.

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Du MONDE Restaurant Proposal

Du MONDE Restaurant Proposal

print & interactive

Proposed design for world-cuisine focused, tech-focused restaurant, Du MONDE.

Du MONDE is a proposed restaurant that specializes in country-specific menus. The restaurant will have a seasonally rotating menu that focuses on 3 countries’ food and drink styles. Du MONDE also gives customers experience with interactive menus using smart table-top technology. This allows the user to navigate their own experience in the restaurant, including the opportunity to learn more about the dishes, culture, and ingredients. The restaurant gathers data, such as votes for the next country for cuisine, and most popular dishes to visually showcase in the space.

Immensely researched current trends and available technology for the hospitality business. From the Chef created sample menu, to the digital tabletop, created a breadth of work. Branding, logo, business card, napkin, coaster, gift card, box and bag, and case study make up print work on this project. Interior and exterior spaces created with assistance from Interior Design student Sakara Morf. Interactive website and tabletop menu flushed out from wireframes, to hi-fi's, to video footage created in After Effects to show movement in instructional video.

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My Mood Board App

My Mood Board App


Proposed My Mood Board smartphone app.

Proposed iPad and iPhone app design. Team project with Spring Moon Barry. My Mood Board is an app that allows the user to create effortless mood boards on the go. Powered by Font Shop, the mood board app allows the user to add photos, text (with Font Shop fonts), and color swatches. Users can save their mood boards, export, and share. App fills a void in the current market between Pinterest and various photo collage apps.

My focus in this project was on the UI/UX. How would a user navigate the app, what prompts would they go through, and how would it function were all questions I had to solve. Tried to imagine the frustration with trying to create a mood board on the go and how I could make it easier, more efficient, and more fun.

Coming Soon- Interactive mock up of app in action.

Absolut Annual Report

Absolut Annual Report


Proposed annual report for Absolut Vodka.

Annual report for Absolut Vodka celebrating 30 years. Multiple-page layout includes statements from important members, mission and goals, financial statements, and design of analyzed data. Conceptually celebrated 30 years of success by focusing on their incredibly recognizable brand and advertisements.

Used a limited color palette to allow the full color ads to shine. Chose a sans serif typeface to compliment Absolut's iconic logo type, but not detract from it. In page layouts allowed for plenty of white space to create the feeling of cleanliness, yet richness. Chose high gloss pages to show of ads but a matte cover for texture.

Steak Ninja Packaging Design

Steak Ninja


Client work to create logo, mark, packaging and style guide for kitchen tool, Steak Ninja.

Worked as a consultant to help create Steak Ninja branding and packaging. Steak Ninja is a kitchen tool used to infuse flavor and tenderize meat. The client wanted to create something bold and fun, but wanted to avoid the typical ninja cliche. Directed client towards a bold, type-driven logo with a negative-space surprise. The mark needed to pair with the logo seamlessly, but be strong and bold on it's own.

Package was designed as if product would sit on a shelf, although it was intended to be online sale mostly. Created flat and three-dimensional models of the box. After creating the necessarily collateral, designed a style guide for the client to explain the proper use of their mark/logo.

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I'm a typography and graphic design nerd. I love creating print materials, especially multi-page documents (yes, I enjoy your annual reports). I've dabbled in web design as well as product/package design. I'm newly invested in exploring the possibilities in Adobe After Effects. Motion graphics are a fun and interesting way to add a bit of that je ne sais quoi to your brand.

Unrelated, but good to know: I make a killer cocktail, love tacos, and capture the hearts of kittens and pups alike.

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